BF05T Chain  
420 Chain
35 Chain made in The USA

Here at some directions, that will be helpful in locating my shop.  At the inter-
section of S. Glenstone and E. Bennett, turn to the East.  Watch the North side
of the street for Country Roads Furniture and Country Club Veterinary Hospital
On the East side of the Country Club Veterinary Hospital, there is a paved, un-
named street and a 6 ft. chain-link fence.  The 6ft. chain-link fence is surrounding
Kraft Foods.  Turn North between the pet hospital and Kraft Food, as if, you
were going behind the pet hospital.  Cozy is a gravel street directly behind the
pet hospital.     Tip, if you drive East past the high chain-link fence for Kraft Food
parking lot, you have driven too far East.  My phone number is (417) 862-3699
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25H1 Chain
This is the first edition of my new book, "PDP WIZARD BOOK 1."  It contains
step-by-step instructions on how to modify and repair the most common problems
of the rear wheel adjuster and chain on the GS 28 mini-chopper.  The book is
complete with charts, diagrams, and pictures.  Much of the information found in
this book can be applied to many other chain-driven bikes, such as , the bikes
shown below.
The information in my book can be applied to the models shown below, as well as,
many other chain-driven models.  
Chain problems are not as simple as buying a new chain.  Anyone can sell you a
new chain.  Unfortunately, anyone can not tell you why the problem occurred.  
You need a book with step-by-step instructions, charts, diagrams, and pictures
showing you how to repair the most common problems with chains, sprockets, and
rear wheel adjusters.  My book is based upon modifications and repairs, I have actually
done, in my shop.  With this book, you will not be wasting time and money on phone
calls to salespeople, whose only job is selling parts and do not actually do repairs.
This book is available for sale, at my cost for printing, for your information. You can order by
e-mail or phone
e-mail is   Phone is (417) 862-3699.
IMPORTANT  DISCLAIMER:  I assume no liability or risk for injuries, damages, or
death to you, others, or property for any information or product you use from my web-
site or books or repairs done by me.  Use my website, information, books, and shop
at your own risk.  I will not be sued.