It is time to get your cars and trucks ready for hot weather and summer travel.  During the
winter, many people have neglected routine maintenance, such as, a complete tune-up.
 Most people use the term "tune-up" very loosely with limited knowledge of what should
be checked and / or replaced during a complete tune-up.
  In the old days, a tune-up included spark plugs, points, condenser, carburetor adjustment,
oil change, wires, belts, hoses, all fluid levels checked, and many other parts checked or re-
  Today cars do not require as many items checked or replaced.  Most people consider a
tune-up, as merely, replacing spark plugs.  In fact, many shops offer specials that include a
very limited check list and  limited parts replaced.  These specials are money makers for
the shop.   You have not been deceived because the special will state exactly what will be
checked and / or replaced.  Unfortunately, you have not been well-informed as to everything
you should have done.  The following information applies to all makes and models.
   With the approach of hot weather, it is time to do a complete check-up of your vehicle,
including spark plugs, all filters, all fluid levels, condition of belts & hoses, check for leaks of
oil, water, various fluids, air conditioning system, plus many other parts.  You need to locate
a shop willing to take the time to do a detailed check of your vehicle.  A detailed check-up may
prevent a expensive break-down during your summer travels.
    Many of my customers are well-educated people, who are experts in their field.  It is un-
fortunate, these people have never been to a mechanic, who is able and willing to educate
them on how to maintain their vehicles.  Some cars have not been serviced for thousands
of miles.  Some owners are lucky, it is not too late to service their car and the engines are
not ruined.  Other owners are not so lucky and the entire motor has to be replaced.

   97 Ford V 6   See all the work and trouble it takes
to do something that sounds, as simple as, a tune-up.
Many late model cars, there is nothing easy or simple
about doing maintenance and tune-ups. In a case, like
this, the intake would have to be removed first, in order,
remove  seized up spark plugs.  
97  Ford V 6  brought into my shop.  It had not been
serviced in over 40,000 miles.  The owner had been
mislead that she needed a new motor because the
valve cover gaskets were leaking.  .
60 Chevy truck inline 6 cyl motor.  These required points
re-set and a cartridge oil filter.  Many of these trucks
are still on the road.   Good service and complete tune-
ups is the reason, these trucks are still in usage.
 49 Willye Jeep   This has a 4 cyl flat-head engine.
Service for these included points and spark plugs, but
the points had to be re-set every 3,000 miles.  It used
a cartridge oil filter.

81 Chevy Citation would need  complete servicing,
plus, brakes, front end greased, all fluids checked.  This
car was purchased new by the owner.  He has kept the
car in good running condition, by properly maintaining
94 Ponitac Grand Am suffered from a serious case
of poor maintenance.  The ignition system had
to be completely replaced.  If, the spark plugs had
been changed on a regular basis, this repair may have
been prevented.  This car required many other repairs
to put it back into good running order.
78 Chevy truck with a 454 GM motor.  As seen, in the
picture, it has been modified to a performance engine,
which requires more maintenance than the average
engine.  This engine uses the synthetic oils to with-
stand higher engine heat and longer endurance. Isn't
your motor worth the best????
97 Ford Crown Victoria  This car belongs to my mother.
When, the check engine light came on, she knew to  
check all fluid levels, immediately before continuing to
drive.  She knew not to drive with any fluid level low be-
cause low fluid levels could ruin her engine.  I used my
diagnostic equipment to determine the  idle air control
was stuck.  Many late models cars, you have to use the
computerize diagnostic equipment to determine problem
2001 Saturn  This car would need a brand new
timing chain.  This reminds me that many other cars
use a timing belt, instead of timing chain.  Timing
belts have to be replaced more often than timing
chain.  On some cars, the timing belts should be
replaced every 30,000 to 40,000 miles to prevent
a break-down, while driving, plus a major and very
expensive repair.  TIP:  When was the last time,
you replaced the timing belt on your car????
5 horse-power Briggs & Stratton engine.  This was
running good last summer.  It has been parked over
the winter months.  It has last summer's gas, which
needs to be drained and replaced.  It should have
a tune-up with new spark plugs and points, plus air
filter.  These engines are used on many things, in-
cluding lawn mowers, tillers, mini-bikes, and other
New scooter.  Winter is over and it is time to start
enjoying the scooters, you may have purchased
during the winter months. You need to check the
air pressure in the tires, check all fluid levels.  If, this
scooter is brand new, after the first 50 miles of usage,
you need to change the oil.  Use a good quality oil to
protect the life of your engine.
Little scooters.  These will need a new spark plug for
the summer.  Be sure, to drain the old gas from tank
and replace with new gas.  If, it is a 2 cycle engine, you     
need 2 cycle oil mixed with gas. Read owner's manual
for the correct oil & gas mix ratios  Most manuals say
the ratio is 30 to one.  Remember to charge battery.
49.7 CC engine  Always keep you engine clean and
free of mud and debris because it is an air-cooled
engine.  The cleaner the engine fins are kept, the
cooler, it will run.  These engines are used on
many types of bikes made in China.

This is a 49.7 cc engine  with these you should
maintain a good chain adjustment and keep the chain
lubricated.  Inspect the headlights, tail-lights,  turn
signals and brake adjustments.  Insurance is a good
idea.  Know your local laws on street operation.
The classic style moped or scooter. These should be
serviced for the summer.  Mopeds require the same
service and tune-ups, as other bikes mentioned on
this page.  In addition, a moped should be checked
for loose bolts and screws.  Fuel filter should be re-
Mini-choppers are popular bikes from China.  These
require a lot of attention to details.  Common problems
are cracked frames, loose bolts, and chain issues.
Chain problems include adjustment and alignment.
These are a few items that you need to check for your
safety, while riding, this summer.
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