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terminator parts    We can assist you in ordering
your parts for all these products.  This is not a
parts store.  We prefer, you bring in your own
parts.  We specialize in labor. Remember, when
purchasing from the internet to always purchase
a new part and not a used part.  Used parts
rarely work and you have wasted your money
on labor.
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GS-28 Repair Pictures
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    We have over 40 years experience in all types of automotive and scooter
repairs.  We do everything from oil changes to complete engine rebuilding.
We work on recreational vehicles, such as, ATVs, mopeds, motocycles,
pocket rockets, and scooters.  Our Motto IS, "If It Rolls On Wheels, We Fix It."
Do not hesitate to inquire about anything, you need repaired.
  Many expensive repairs can be avoided with simple maintenance.  There
are several routine maintenance tasks, you can do.  You should check the
levels of brake fluid, oil, power steering fluid, tire pressure, transmission
fluid, and water.  In the winter, check the antifreeze.  Regular oil changes will
prolong the engine life and are so inexpensive.  Failure to properly main-
tain your vehicle can result in repairs costing several hundred dollars or may
exceed the value of your vehicle.  Plus, the inconvenience of being without
your transportation for days or weeks.
   The first step in repairs is finding the best qualified repairman for that
particular repair.  This is not an easy task because anyone can buy a set of
tools, rent a building, and hang a sign.  Jokingly, we refer to such repairmen
as, "professional parts changers" because this is all they do, until the correct
part is replaced.  You need a professional mechanic with the years of ex-
perience needed to diagnosis the problem and replace the correct part(s)
without hours of unnecessary labor and unneeded parts.  Unfortunately, there
are a few (only a few) unscrupulous repairmen, who take 5 hours to do a job,
that should be done in 1 hour.   Many repairmen, who spend hours and hours     
on a repair are not unscrupulous, they are merely inexperienced and lacking in
qualifications for that particular repair.  There are jobs, that are time-consuming
for the best mechanic to do correctly.  In such cases, it does not seem fair to
charge the customer for the time invested to do the job to perfection. So, I
prefer to take my time to do a perfect repair and charge by the job.  We prefer
you bring in your own parts.  I am supplying labor, only.
   Some parts are difficult to locate, especially for Chinese bikes.  I can help you
locate the parts for your Chinese bike.  Remember, American chain will NOT
work on Chinese bikes.  I can help you locate any chain you may need.  You
may be interested my book on how to modify and repair the GS-28 and GS-33,
this book is available at my cost to print for your information.

   It is "PDP Wizard Book 1."   This book addresses only problems with chain,
sprockets, and rear wheel adjusters. It contains useful charts and information to
help you determine the chain,  other parts, etc., you need.
  The web page for my book is under-construction.  This book is based upon
actual modifications and repairs, I have done.  It is not for the inexperienced
    I do machine work.  And, I am always available to answer your questions
at no charge.
  Please look through other pages in my website.  Remember, many more
pages are under-construction.
 Thank you for browsing through my website.  Mr. Plaster