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PDP Wizard book 1
What source of light, do you reply upon for your needs?  Our earth
and science supplies many types of light.  We must have a source of
light for all aspects of living, such as, homes, businesses, plants,
hospitals, stores, industries, etc.  How many things, can you think of,
that require light?  Keep looking at the light.  Why are you still staring
at this light?  Why does it appear to be all around you?   Hopefully,
you are still thinking about this light!.  I captured this picture, during a
severe wind and hail storm, while the electricity was off.  During
natural disasters and storms, we do not know how long, we will be
without power or how long common back-up sources will last.  Bet,
you are still staring at this light!  I was holding this light, in my hand,
and it is a natural source of light provided by earth and science.
1 outer body                    10 LED bulb
2 o Ring seal                   11 magnet switch
3 lens                              12 sealed glass switch
4 lens cap
5 inner housing
6 magneto coil                                                   Magneto coil made with coil of wire . A very simple generator for making
7 magnet field                                                    power by one hand. 30 Seconds of horizontally shaking give up to 5 or   
8 magnet bumper                                              more minutes of power  to circuit board. When  the sealed glass switch
9 electronic board                                             Is turn on by a magnet switch. On outer side of body housing giving off
                                                                     a powerful light .  That can be seen far away


                         HOW THE GENERATOR WORKS
A generator work by a magnetic field inducing a voltage into a coil of wire. This can be done by
moving the magnet or by moving the coil. This coil will not move, so the magnet field must go
through the coil of wire . Doing this in and out making voltage to be pick up by circuit board .
From circuit board to the capacitor . Then lock the power in using diodes on circuit board so it
can not go back to coil . Two more diodes will let the voltage out.  When the glass sealed  
switch is turned on .  The power is going through a resistor to one end of the LED + side.  Now
the Light can be seen.              ( Earth and Science made it happen for all of us )  
                                                         Now how can it help you?
It may take less than two minutes to locate what you need with a light.
Blue Industrial Light makes it own power ,when  you need it, with only one hand
    Shake Horizontally 30 to 60 seconds to power it up for usage.
This gives a  source of light up to 5 or more minutes.  It is water-proof and air
tight. In darkness, this light can be seen up to 1,5280 feet or 1,760 yards.  It
contains no batteries or corrosives.  It is water-proof  and could be kept
sanitary.  It is being used in the processing of foods and pharmaceuticals.  If,
an employee accidentally drops the light into the product, being inspected, just
turn off the equipment and retrieve the light.  The bright blue casing can easily
be seen for retrieval.  If, light weight materials are being processed, this light
will float to the top.  Because it is air-tight and water-proof, the light can be
sanitized for re-usage.