Laws regarding all types of motorized vehicles, license plates / tags, operator
license / permits, and required insurance varies from state to state, on occasion,
some local city laws may apply.
    It is your responsibility to know and obey the laws in your city and state.
    In Missouri, licences are issued through the Missouri Department of Revenue
and more often referred to as the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).
      Here is a website for the Missouri Department of Revenue. or and follow the links provided.
     Also, Missouri is providing a new information phone center available 24 / 7. At
1-573-526-2407, a representative will answer your specific questions that applies
to your particular issues, problems, or situation.
     In addition, here are two local DMV phone numbers for information.  Republic,
MO is (417) 732-7557 and downtown, Springfield, MO is (417) 869-5100
     The representatives at one of the above phone numbers can answer all types
of questions regarding all motorized vehicles, especially questions on, dirt bikes,
mopeds, motorcycles (under and over 50CC), motorized bicycles, pocket rockets,
scooters, etc., as well as, the type operator's license required to operate these.
      I am not authorized or qualified to answer questions regarding any type of
licensing issues.  Please do not ask me.  Please use the phone numbers provided
on this page.  Thank you.  Mr. Plaster
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