run way carburetor on new & old unit
ATV Dirt Bikes  Mini Chopper Pocket Bikes Motorcycle Moped Scooter go karts and
recreational vehicls with similar types of carburetors. If it has a screw top check it
with throttle cable running through the center of cap better to be safe than sorry.

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Cap ring  and Cap screw

1 and 2 must come
together and to be tight
enough to where it wont
vibrate loose when engine
is running. If its not it will
cause a run away.

On new units please check
for cap rings and cap
screws to be tight on your
carburetor before operating
When your reinstalling cap ring or cap screw depending on which carburetor you have you can use a very
small drop of lock tight but make sure you buy the lock tight that dose not  take heat for it to come loose to be
removed again. Be sure to ask for the lock tight you need to remove the part if you need to, I hope these charts
will give you some idea of what to look for encase you need to do something thats necessary
1 cap ring /2 throttle cap / 3 return spring /4  V
looking clip /5 main jet needle /6 throttle valve /
7carburetor top/8 carburetor body / 9 carburetor
 bowl /10 float pin /11 float /12 needle valve / 13
 choke arm /14 main jet /15 idle jet /16 air
adjustment screw / 17 idle screw /18 needle
valve seat /19 o ring gasket /20 bowl screw
/21bowl screw /22 fuel line nipple
1 cap screw / return spring / 3 V looking clip /4
main jet needle /5 throttle valve /6 open end /
7needle valve /8 float pin / 9 float /10
carburetor bowl /11 main jet /12 idle jet / 13
bowl  gasket /14 idle screw/ 15 air adjustment
screw /16 carburetor body/ 17 choke arm / 18
needle valve seat / 19 bowl screw
Repair book coming soon for carburetor look for the PDP Wizard repair Manuel. With lots
of charts and break down of what parts are called in easy to understand words. Look
for it soon e-mail is at the bottom of this page telephone number 417-862-3699.  
When your installing a throttle valve body back into carburetor make sure the guide groove will
line up with guide pin. The main jet needle will slide into the top of main jet, the half moon part
of throttle valve body is clearly seen through carburetor intake when choke is open. The idle
groove will rest against the end of the idle screw. Please look these charts over if you have any
problems installing the throttle body back in carburetor.
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What is a green carburetor to you ? Well  not idle when running or will not start  try to start  but
this is a new unit . And why would this happen? It had fuel in it for a long time just a little bit not
much at all to see if the Engine would run off the manufacturing line. Then  all fuel is drained
out and the unit will go off to shipping.   Sitting in a warehouse sometime up to a year this can't
be helped by anyone  . But one thing that might happen is Corrosion in a light green fluffy
powder .The Main jets are made out of brass just like a brass ring on your finger it will turn
green in time . Carburetor can be repair and clean up to work like its a post too. I do this all the
time here in my shop and some carburetor can't be repair been sitting way to long in there
garage . Or out side not cover up from the weather i have carburetor ship in for repair and i can
tell its been out side sitting to long time, not being run ones a month to let new fuel come in
side the carburetor bowl . Way it helps to keep your carburetor clean.   The fuel breaks down
from time setting around inside your carburetor causing corrosion to take place. If the unit is
going to set for a while, best thing to do is drain the gas out. Take it out of the gas tank and
carburetor, some people will buy a bottle of sea foam to refill the carburetor bowl. When it sets
for long periods of time, then when they are ready they will drain the carburetor bowl and flush
out with new fuel before starting. Another good tip is replace fuel filter, or if the unit you bought
this year dose not have one buy one. The picture below shows the carburetor that in good
working order, it has no green.