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    Products from china  
Piston&rings, Carburetor kits, belts, stator, pull start, Gasket sets , many more parts  
 Lets See how far we can go on wheels to a new world of many new things to come
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Products the question is how good are they . Samples is one good way to fine out if they well hold up to OEM parts on units in  
 the USA . Trying out  and testing new samples products is one of the best way of doing so . Many Manufacture say there
product is better than OEM and if so they would be more than happy to send sample of a better product by air mail .
Air mail take some time to get here from china but it can be a low cost sometime but not always .But in doing so it help in many
more ways than one ? HOW a picture alway look good, but will it work as good as it looks than a OEM part .Some of the low
cost unit we buy in the USA, work pretty good but some of OEM parts didn't hold up  as good as the wholesaler would had like
on the unit . Many people now are in need of a better working part for repairs on many unit back up and running . This is were  
samples come in to play  from Manufacture, and wholesaler in the USA  from people who try out this new samples product to
see that the Manufacture was better than OEM parts that came on unit .This new information make for signature of a working
relationship from a far within are same world.  Working on international order more than samples , shipping is by  way of the
sec to a USA port
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