We have been in the complete automotive repair business  
for over 40 years.  In recent years, we have expanded our  
services to include ATVs, Chinese bikes, choppers, dirt bikes,
mopeds, and pocket rockets.  Our motto is "If, it rolls, we fix it."
Due to the rapid advancements in research and tech-
nology, most of us do not understand the products and the
modes of transportation, we use.  We must take the time to
grasp and understand that some new ideas and products   
are better than the things, we used in the past.  Gaining new
understanding requires effort, patience, time, and "funding."
Many times, we have everything, we need for our understand-
ing except the funds.  As, they say, time is money.  Funds are
necessary to find solutions to problems. Corporate America
has Research & Development Departments for new ideas
and problem solving.
It appears a new product is working for our friends, but it   
does not work for us. The problem may be our understanding
of new technology.  Now, we have instructions manuals that
need an additional manual to interpret the instruction  manual.
The USA is flooded with motorized bikes made in China.
Soon, we be flooded with Chinese cars.  Based upon my
repair shop experience, it is my opinion that certain products
have not been tested for the endurance quality Americans
expect.  These products are attractive in appearance and     
price.  When, these products do not meet our standards, we
are faced with the challenges of how to modify and repair.
This requires imagination, as well, understanding the original
technology used to manufacture these products.  Plus, the
mechanic needs a high degree of ability, knowledge, and skill.
Plaster Garage is specializing in improving and repairing
Chinese bikes.  In fact, I have just completed a "how-to-repair"
book on the most common problems on the  GS 28 mini-
chopper.  My book, "PDP Wizard Book 1" is available for
sale through my shop or website. Sold at my printing cost for
your information. The page for this book is
under-construction.  Currently, I am taking phone orders for
this book. Ph: (417) 862-3699.
I am available to assist you with any problems.  You can  
send me a product to examine and diagnosis.  I will give you
my honest opinion on any product, I have repaired or own.    
Helping you will help me to gain the needed knowledge to     
prolong the useful life of your products.  Please feel free
to contact me concerning your particular problems.
Thank you.     Mr. Plaster.
 Below is a picture of a full-sized Chinese Bike

This is the latest Chinese bike on the market.  It is de-
signed for the adult rider.  It has a 49.7 CC engine with a
4-speed manual transmission.  It is gas efficient.  It will
cruise at 50 miles per hour and can be modified for in-
creased speed.
This is a picture of my personal bike.  I am well-
pleased with its performance.  Drop your mother a hint for
one like this for YOUR birthday.  My mother presented me with
this bike, which she purchased as a kit. And, she brought two
more bike kits for the grandkids because she found such a good
price on these kits.  Dad and Grandpa will love to ride these
bikes, too.  These are sold as kits and Dad will have so much fun
assembling this bike.  If, Dad needs help with the assembly, I am
available to help.  

You need to know the license and insurance re-
quirements for your state. Insurance is a good idea

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