Wheel bearings need
to be greased to
last longer. After a
time, it is necessary
to repack with new
Gear oil is
used in the
To learn more about
sprockets and chain    
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Automatic transmission fluid   
is need by many           
Cars, Trucks, and SUVs   
All cars, trucks, bikes, SUVs, and motorcycles require lubricates to keep
them in good working order for worry free travel.    Tip:  Always completely
service your vehicle before leaving on your vacation.
Lubricants, such as, 2 cycle oil will settle to the bottom of the gas tank or storage
container.  If, your gas & oil mixture has been setting over the winter, it is best to re-
place it with fresh gas & oil.
Synthetic 2 cycle oil is better because these produce less carbon.  Fuel mixtures
of gas & oil can vary from 30 to 1 or 50 to 1.  Check your owner's manual for correct
mixture ratio.
Mopeds have gear box lubricants that are a light-weight oil.  These need to be
checked or serviced at a professional shop.
On chain-driven bikes, the chain needs to be kept lubricated, while in use, or
approximately every 500 miles.  On smaller bikes, the chain will need lubricated
more often than every 500 miles.
Cars, trucks, and SUVs must have engine oil, transmission fluid, and differential
fluid checked on a regular basis  TIP:  If, you see a spot on the floor or ground, some
type of fluid is leaking.  You should check the level of all fluids, immediately to pre-
vent damage to your vehicle.  If you are unable to determine what is leaking make
an immediate appointment with your nearest service center.   It may be a gasket
leaking.  A gasket may have deteriorated or improperly installed.
Remember, lubricants are the key to good performance and  useful "life" of your
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These are
products needed by
your motor.
Motors need a
good quality oil for
good performance.
Synthetic oils are best because they hold up under heat. Check your owners manual for the correct
weight oil for your vehicle.  Most vehicles manuals suggested oil changes are at aprox. every 3,000
miles.  Bike oil changes can vary between 1,000 and 2,000 miles.  Some model scooters are less
and can be up to 6,000 miles between oil changes.  TIP:  You should record the mileage and date
of each oil change.  If, you have failed to record your last oil change, please make an appointment
for an oil change, before the hot summer temperatures affect you motor.