This is a picture of the GS 28 with 4 stroke engine, after the modifications outlined
 in my book, "PDP Wizard Book 1.   Notice that tail-lights have been added for safety.
      This bike is ready to perform, as expected, by Americans.
       Keep in mind, these same modifications can be done on the 2 stroke GS 28.   The GS 33
 has the same style rear frame and these same modifications can be applied.
       This book contains a multitude of information on chains and sprockets.  Chains are not one
 size fits all.  And, knowing the brand name of your bike will not help you to determine the cor-
 rect size chain.
        This book contains charts and information will show you how to measure and determine the
  correct size chain. I can help you locate Chinese chain.
        If, you are unable to determine the correct chain size, please e-mail, a clear  and close-up
 digital picture of your chain,
       American chain will NOT work on Chinese bikes.  
      In the event, you do not wish to do the actual work, yourself, to modify bike, you are welcome to
 ship your frame to me at Plaster Garage, 1943 E. Cozy St., Springfield, MO 65804  (Phone is 417
 862-3688)   You will be responsible for shipping to my shop and my shipping cost back to you.  I
 assume no liability for injuries / damages to you, while riding this bike, after modifications.  All repair expenses
  and shipping must be paid, before your bike will be returned.  I do not accept credit cards.  You
 welcomed and encouraged to ship your own parts with the bike.

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 Sample page from new book, "PDP Wizard Book 1."   Picture above is an Example of Chain Fit for GS 28 and GS 33

  Page 9 (of PDP Wizard Book1)

  This picture is some pointers to check on the fit of your chain.  Number ONE---no sagging in length of chain. This
how your chain should look.  Numbers TWO and THREE are lines drawn in to show you how a chain that is too loose
would be hanging on the sprocket.  The chain should fit as the actual chain shown in the picture.  The chain should
NOT be sagging across the top or bottom
  The chain needs at least 1/2 (one-half) inch of "free-play" at both the top and bottom in the center between the
front and rear sprockets.  Word of Caution-----chains can be too tight or too loose.  Too tight or too loose can create
more problems and damages to chain and sprocket.
   At this point, you may want to skip ahead in the manual and Page 11-A for general information and common mis-
takes regarding chain.  Then, read Pages 10 and 11.  A second reading of Page 11-A is a good idea.
  The next page is an information chart on chains.  This is followed by more pages of information you need to know
about your bike.
  A lot of the information in this manual, especially information on chains and sprockets is important and useful info
on chains and sprockets that is important and useful info for all models of bikes using chain drive.  In fact, some
chain / sprocket info applies to the common bicycle.
  The entire book is 41 pages.  These pages will include step-by-step instructions on modifications and repairs,  as
well as, charts, diagrams, and pictures. There will be step-by-step instructions under each diagram or picture. This
book is not written for the inexperienced mechanic.