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Plaster Garage is specializing in automotive repairs, as well
as, Chinese motorcycles,  scooters, mopeds, gopeds, and mini
-choppers  and repair on Chinese generators .
Plus, the newest line of Chinese motorcycles that are under
50CC engine  Be certain to know your state's license laws.      
Insurance is always advised.
The red full-sized bike shown above is my personal bike.  It will
cruise at 50 miles per hour and could be modified for increased
speed.  I am getting nearly 60 per gallon gas mileage.  I am well-
pleased with the over-all performance of this bike.
Soon, there will be newer bikes with larger engines available.

Remember, our motto, "If, it rolls on wheels, we fix it."  We do all types of
repairs. There is no repair too small or too big.  We can not possibly list all
the repairs, we do.  This is only a small sample of things, we do here at Plaster
Garage. We repair drive lines for ATVs and rebuild CV axles.  We do machine
work and can custom make any part(s), you may need for your bike.   We
offer welding, valve grinding, fly-wheel resurfacing, and rebuild starters.  Also, we
make modifications on rear wheel adjusters for Chinese bikes.  We carry chains,
master links, and many other parts for Chinese bikes.    Be aware   American
made chain will not work on Chinese bikes.
This is a very short list of services, we offer.  As new products come onto
the market, we are researching how to solve problems and make repairs.  
Many other web pages are under-construction for this Website.  Keeping
watching for these pages in the very near future.
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Plaster Garage
1943 E. Cozy St.
Springfield, MO  65804

Phone:  (417)  862-3699

Plaster garage has over 40 years experience in foreign
and domestic automobiles and bikes.  Plus, recreational      
 vehicles, such as, ATVs and motorized bikes / scooters.
In recent years, we have expanded our services to
include the popular Chinese bikes .
This website is under-construction.  This page is a
sample list of pages to come.
Under-construction is a page about my new book,
"PDP Wizard Book 1."   This is a "how-to-repair" book,
which addresses the most common problems on chain,
sprockets, and rear wheel adjuster on the GS 28 bike.
There is a sample page from this book available now on
this website.  This is not a book for the inexperienced
mechanic.  The book contains step-by-step instructions,
charts, diagrams, and pictures.  It is based upon actual
modifications and repairs, I have done.  I have copies
available for sale at my cost for printing.  You can order by
The Left Behind Page will not be about the Rapture.
It will be a list of parts and bikes, the owners seen to have
forgotten and need to come back and pick up.
Also under-construction is a page on the industrial
lights that do not use batteries or contain corrosive
materials / parts that can possibly contaminate products
in the manufacturing process.  Also, these are being used
in cases of power failure and natural disasters.  
If, your have not seen anything that meets your needs,   
please e-mail me and I will help you.  I have a multitude of
resources and contacts. We prefer you bring in your own
parts, but we can help you locate parts. We specialize in
labor on your vehicles and bikes.  If, you are having
trouble finding a part  e-mail me a digital picture.

E-mails will be responded to as quickly as possible.
Phone calls are welcome      Mon - Sat  1:00 p.m to
9:00 p.m  Occasionally, on Sunday 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Plaster  garage
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We can custom make your Throttle Cable as
long as you need it to be ? Give us a call in
Springfield mo 417-862-3699  
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